3 Ways To Make Your Job Better

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This is a guest post by Stephanie O’Brien. She has helped others who are stuck in life and/or careers they do not like uncover their purpose and apply it to fulfilling, meaningful and prosperous life work. You can connect with Stephanie on her blog movedbypurpose.net and download her free goal setting worksheet. She loves hearing from people and is happy to help!   

So you hate your job? You’re not alone. Statistics show that 70% of Americans hate their jobs.

You may have resolved to find a new job this year, but in the meantime here are 3 ways to make your job slightly more enjoyable until you find a better fit.

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Find the good in your work.

What does your current job do for you? It obviously pays you.

There is one good thing to be thankful for. Have you gained any friendships in this current job? How about more experience? What about the lesson of knowing what you don’t want?

Yes that’s actually a good thing because it aids in the process of discovering what you would love to do for work. Having knowledge of what you don’t want and understanding why you don’t want it will actually set you up for greater success in finding fulfillment in your next job.

Take on new challenges.

Perhaps you feel under-challenged in your position. You don’t feel like you are operating in your full talents, skills and abilities and that troubles you.

Find ways to enhance your skills or actually operate in the ones you have-even if you don’t use them daily at work. Start a committee or volunteer to do an in-service training on an area of interest that could be beneficial to the company. Offer to help the business with a social media campaign.

I personally have done all of the above and it has helped tremendously in my transition. I look forward to breaking the mundane, same old tasks by taking on new challenges and projects.

Talk to your supervisor about your struggles.

A good supervisor and healthy organization will welcome their staff being open and honest about the struggles of the job. Maybe certain tasks bore you and you enjoy other ones. Maybe your supervisor can help you have more responsibility for the tasks you do enjoy.

It won’t be perfect but at least it’s something. You are taking responsibility to make your time left in your current position as bearable as possible (and maybe even enjoyable) until you can transition out.

I know it can be tough staying in a job you don’t love. Until you identify what you would love to do and develop a clear plan of action to go and get it you will need to hang in there.

Unless the job is asking you to do something unethical and is an abusive/toxic environment the wisest thing for you is to stay until you find something else. If it is really bad and you need to get out quickly then find something that may be less than ideal in the next 30 days so you have a paycheck.

You don’t want to put yourself in a place of desperation. You do have bills to pay.

If you are really stuck- invest in a career coach.

If you are interested in working with Stephanie click here.


What else can you do to make your current job better for a time?

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