Are You Clark Kent or Superman?

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Your inner Clark Kent isn’t a bad guy.  He’s easy to get along with, he keeps his head down, doesn’t cause trouble and gets the job done.  He shows up between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday and pretty much everybody likes Clark. The problem is Clark knows what it’s like to be Superman.

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You see your inner Superman shows up sometime after 5pm and on the weekends. Superman has a fantastic time doing everything else except what happens at the office. The other problem is Clark doesn’t believe he could be Superman all the time.  “No one can feel like Superman at work,” he says. “Everybody knows you can’t make a living being Superman,” says Clark.

What if you were able to dash to a phone booth, tear your Clark Kent glasses off and pull your button up collared shirt apart to reveal your Superman logo at work?  You can.  The first step is to have a sit down with your Superman.  Ask your Superman what he was doing when he felt like a million bucks the other day.  Ask him what he was doing when he lost track of time because he was thoroughly enjoying himself.  That’s your clue to finding the kind of work you want to do and the work you will enjoy.

You say but what if my Superman work doesn’t pay?  I mean, come on, nobody would pay to watch me play golf right?  Well, I’ve seen your golf scores and you’re right nobody will pay to watch you golf.  But would they pay you to design a golf club? Would they pay you to own a store that carries golf equipment?  Would they pay you to sell golf accessories to retailers?  The list can go on and on of things to do associated with golf that you can make a living doing.  So the next question is, why aren’t you making some movement toward being Superman all the time instead of only on evenings and weekends?

What is your Superman work?