Help Choose The Cover Of My New Book

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You may not know this, but over the past nine months I’ve been writing a book.

It’s coming together nicely but I need your help in deciding a few things.

The book is called Paid To Be You: A Guide to Getting Unstuck, Finding Your Passion, and Launching A New Career.

The book will help readers:

  • Understand the four essential areas needed to find the work they love.
  • Discover what they’re truly passionate about.
  • Develop the necessary pieces to create a plan to do work they enjoy.

So the first thing I need your help with is deciding on the cover design for the book.

My cover designer Ana Grigoriu has provided me with multiple concepts to choose from and I’m excited to share them with you.

In the comments below, I’d be thrilled if you let me know which cover you think best represents the concept of the book.

Concept #1

Paid to be you concept 4 white















Concept #2

Paid to be you concept 4

















Concept #3

Paid to be you concept 5


















Concept #4

Paid to be you concept 2
















Concept #5

Paid to be you concept 1


















Question: Which one do you like best?



  • Rick VanDermyden

    Adam- I am excited to see the how your book is progressing! My first vote is #1, then #3. Connect soon.

    • Adam Rico

      Excellent, thanks Rick! Yes, we’ll get together soon.

  • Nick Christian

    Great options, Adam. I like #1 the best, probably because of the white background. I like #5 as well, but the script “you” tends to blend in and not stand out as much.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Nick!

  • Ann Musico

    Adam Concept #3 to me illustrates very clearly your title and focus of the book!

    • Adam Rico

      Ok great, thank you Ann!

  • Wayne

    Adam, I liked #3 the best. It grabbed my attention better than the others.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks for the feedback Wayne!

  • David Posey

    Number 5 is the most eye-catching to me. Congrats on writing a book; that’s quite an accomplishment!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks for the feedback David!

  • Bruce Winner

    I have to agree with David P comment. I like # 5. It is eye-cathching while being a enigmatic and thought provoking as well. I’m anticipating the book!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Bruce, can’t wait to share it!

  • Bob

    I like #1. Crisp, clean and intriguing. Good work Adam and I look forward to reading it soon!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks so much Bob. More to come soon on how to get a copy.

  • Joe Lalonde

    I really like #1 or possibly #3 with a different background color.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Joe! Appreciate your feedback.

  • 20mbb

    Adam- I like the layout of #1 but not the color of the font. It seems a lot of books have been coming out in white and red/orange. Maybe use a green color (might pick out a green from the $5 bill?). Also like the font used for “YOU” in #4 & 5. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Adam Rico

      Great, thanks so much! More to come soon on how to get a copy.

  • Sheryl Buckner

    I like #1 and agree about using a different color. Is there a particular reason you are using the $5 bill instead of a $100 bill or bigger? Great job!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Sheryl. The image only comes in the $5 bill so I’m not sure why that was chosen. Maybe Lincoln is more recognizable.

  • Jay Fannin

    I like #1. If I were quickly browsing books in a book store, any book with a white cover attracts me first. I don’t know why that is but it does. The concept of #1 is also easier to understand right away, sooner than I understood the others. The covers with the maroon background doesn’t seem to ‘gel’ as well as it does with the white backdrop. I think the orange-colored fonts look great.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks for the feedback Jay!

  • Jason Smith

    #3 sir.

    • Adam Rico

      Excellent, thanks Jason!

  • Dave Unger


    I much prefer #1 over the others. However, I suggest you ask your cover designer if she can help you consider a couple possible changes. Not that you need to make changes, just that you should stop and see if they improve or detract from the overall look of the book cover.

    1 – Font choice. The font looks like Myriad to me. It’s a default font in many Adobe products and is somewhat over-used as a result. Also, it’s the font Apple uses for iTunes, iPod, iPhone and other product logos. So people are used to seeing it in a lot of places but not in a continuous chunk of all capital letters. You might ask your cover designer to show you samples that use other fonts just to make sure you feel good about the font choice.

    2 – Font color. Looking at the “business” books at Barnes & Noble yesterday, I noticed that there are a lot of books using orange fonts but that the newest ones tend to be using green. Font and web site color schemes are only popular for a year or two, and it seems to me that the time and place for using orange as a main color is coming to an end. You might ask your designer to show you alternate versions using bright green, cyan, royal blue, purple, etc. just to make sure you’re completely happy with the color choice.

    I’m probably more obsessive about these details than most, but I myself would want to print out sample covers in a couple different color schemes, wrap them around notebooks, and take them to a book store or library to see how well each version stands out. In a retail or library setting, you want to make sure your book would get noticed. You also want to make sure it doesn’t look dated by comparison to what’s current right now.


    • Adam Rico

      Thanks so much for your observations and suggestions Dave. You always provide great feedback. I’ll talk to my designer about these things you’ve brought up.

  • Alana Mokma

    I like #1. I like the “little lincoln” on the white background. It is eye catching.

    The topic sounds fascinating and right up my alley. I can’t wait to read it!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Alana! Yes, I think this is right up your alley. I can’t wait to share it with you.

  • Allison Horak

    Hi, Adam. I like #1 and, as an alternative, a hybrid of #3 (mirror graphic) and #5 (background and font). I don’t like the rocket/torpedo and I don’t like the chess piece, which connotes (to me) a lack of control over your destiny. Good luck on everything related to your book. I’m proud of you!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Allison! Also, thanks for your help in making the book grammatically correct with appropriate punctuation.

  • Brent

    I really like #5 the mirror,the king, the light splash of color around it, and the cursive “You” is excellent. The phase at the bottom with “A” used twice seems to lack a bit of power. I might use: “The Guide to Getting Unstuck, Finding Passion, and Launching Your New Career”. I wish you the very best and look forward to reading your thoughts in your books.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks for your feedback Brent. I wasn’t sure if I should use The Guide or A Guide, but in the end I went with A Guide. We’ll see if that was the right call or not. Thanks again for your input.

  • lynn

    I like #5 but with a red cover. I also prefer the chess piece because it shows that we all have to make choices and are in charge of where we move our chess piece next on the board of life. Looking in the mirror to me represents us looking at ourselves closely and introspectively making that decision/choice for our life.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Lynn. I liked that one too. It was a tough choice.

  • Tim Davis

    Adam, #1 jumps out the most. White draws me in, and I can easily read the words. For me, the cursive is harder to read. Also, is Abe in your book? It sure took him a long time to walk in and get paid for his calling. Could be a powerful graphic. But, if trying to only convey money, then I agree with some others to try to get something with a $100 bill. Thanks for what you do, I really appreciate your work.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Tim. I went with #1, but with slightly different font colors.