How Extraordinary Success Came to Bob Fisher

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Have you ever pushed yourself to the point where you knew there was no more?

You gave it everything you had and then some?

Look out! Potential!!

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Whether your area of performance is business, athletics, music, or art eventually there is a line you won’t be able to cross.

But have you been there?

Like a high jumper who knocks the bar off, do you know how high you can go?

Bob Fisher is pretty amazing but he says he knows he can go further.

Who is Bob Fisher you ask?

Bob Fisher is an every day guy who lives in Centralia, KS (town of 500) who designs farm drainage for a living.

In his small town Bob was an average basketball player in high school. The fourth of 10 children, Bob has held the same job for 24 years, has coached local boys basketball teams and has never had a winning record.

Yet Bob can do one thing better than anyone on the planet.

He can shoot free throws like nobody’s business.

He has made 33 free throws in 30 seconds, 50 in a minute, 92 in two minutes, 448 in 10 minutes, and 2,371 in an hour – nearly 40 a minute.

He holds numerous Guinness world records for free throw shooting and says he still hasn’t reached his potential.

If you’re familiar with basketball you know this is an amazing feat of human physical performance. (Just ask Shaq)

Bob starts shooting free throws at 6:30am every day before work and then shoots for two hours after work.

He reads books on shooting technique and the physics of basketball.

He puts his pants on just like you and me – one leg at a time.

Except once his pants are on he makes an unbelievable number of free throws.

So how does this relate to you?

What are you working toward right now?

A promotion? Increasing your sales? Getting a better job? Running a faster mile?

How hard are you working on it?

Are you working as hard as Bob Fisher?

Have you achieved the sort of results Bob Fisher has achieved with free throws?

Only you know the answers to those questions.

Keep working hard to achieve your goal and maybe someday you will do something extraordinary and be able to say you still haven’t reached your potential.

Question: Have you ever met someone like Bob Fisher who is extraordinary at something? Was there anything different about them?


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  • okay, so he can make free throws…but can he drive to the rack, make the shot and get the “and 1”? I briefly “met” a certain NBA slam dunk champ…he was really good at being tall and jumping.

    • Maybe he can’t just yet Tyler, but my guess is if you give him enough time he’d read up on it and practice until he could. Who did you meet?

      • Brent Berry. We both went to Oregon State (many years apart) and he came back for an event (midnight basketball). He autographed something for me, but was pretty much busy talking to someone else.

        • Hey that’s cool, Brent Berry was good. Slam dunk champs are definitely extraordinary.