Music to Work By: Shad

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Do you like to listen to music when you work? I do. It helps me to be more creative and enjoy myself. I have my favorites but I especially enjoy being introduced to new music. However, there are so many artists out there its difficult to pay attention to them all and still enjoy the old stand bys. So I want to introduce a new segment to the blog called “Music to Work By”.

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My goal is to share music with you that I think is inspiring, thought provoking, or just plain rocks. I’ll provide a short review and do it on a regular-ish basis.

For our first Music to Work By I want to introduce you to Shad. Shad is a Kenyan born Canadian Hip Hop artist. Yes, they actually have hip hop in Canada. I was surprised too. Unlike a lot of rap and hip hop artists, Shad is known for his self-deprecating and socially conscious lyrics. He also has some of the most killer beats this side of Kanye. Shad’s latest album TSOL features a song called Rose Garden that I listen to a lot. Here are a few lyrics:

You never question when you get the blessings
So don’t get vexed when your life is stressed
And I promise I’ll be with you no matter what the issue
But there will be some issues to address

It’s a good reminder to me that I’m going to encounter obstacles and problems in life but it’s going to be OK. My Maker is going to get me through them.

Enjoy the video and please give me some feedback. Did I totally lose you and you’re going to report me to the Technorati or is this something you’d like to see more of? Contact me or comment on the post.