Announcing…My New Book That Can Help You Find Work You Enjoy

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A few weeks ago I shared with you that I have been writing a book and asked for your help to choose the cover.

Well, the verdict is in and the cover design is complete.

You can see the cover in the image below.

Paid To Be You

Now I’m excited to share the next step with you.

My new book is called Paid To Be You: A Guide To Getting Unstuck, Finding Your Passion, and Launching A New Career.

This book will help you:

  • Outline the four areas you need to have in place to enjoy your work.
  • Unlock your passion and the full potential of loving your work.
  • Design a plan to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.

The book isn’t available to the public yet but if you join the Paid To Be You Insider’s group you can be the first to know when it’s available.

As an Insider you will:

  • Be the first to know when the book is available
  • Receive news and updates leading up to the release of the book
  • Get to know about a HUGE surprise announcement regarding the book before anyone else

There is a HUGE surprise I’m going to share with the Insiders group but I can’t tell you what it is yet. I’m dying to let you know but it needs to wait.

For now.

However, you can become a Paid To Be You Insider today and be in on some really cool stuff.

To become a Paid To Be You Insider you can sign up by going here.

  • Jon D Harrison

    the cover looks great! can’t wait to find out more.

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks so much Jon! More is on the way…

  • Tom Dixon

    The cover looks great, Adam. Glad to see you are going strong with the book!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Tom! Yes, I’m getting closer to launching and it’s an exciting time.

  • Alana Mokma

    WHOOP WHOOP! VERY excited for you! Also looking forward to the content. :)

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks so much Alana! I’m looking forward to sharing the content with you.

  • ATerribleHusband

    Congratulations Adam! I’m all signed up and very much looking forward to helping you launch!

    • Adam Rico

      Fantastic Nick, thank you!

  • Elias Scultori

    Congrats… This looks great!

    • Adam Rico

      Thanks Elias!