How To Stop Thinking Negatively and Start Thinking Confidently

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Prior to 1954 no one in recorded history had run a mile in less than four minutes.

The “experts” told everyone the human body just wasn’t capable of doing it.

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Then on May 6, 1954 Roger Bannister ran a mile in under four minutes.

Only 46 days later an Australian runner broke Bannister’s record.

Since that time numerous people have run a mile in under four minutes.

So what happened?

Did the physical abilities of human beings suddenly change?

No, but the belief and expectations of what could be possible changed.

How This Relates To Finding Your Passion

Often we don’t believe we can find our passion.

The “experts” in our lives tell us that finding your passion and loving your work is just not possible.

No one likes their work, they say.

They set the expectation that you’ll never be in a position to love what you do for work.

As a result, many people live their lives with the artificial barriers they’ve placed in their minds.

What You Can Do About It

Your level of belief determines the outcome you experience.

What beliefs in your life are holding you back?

Are you telling yourself you don’t deserve to get a better job, find a spouse, have more money, have meaningful friendships, or find your passion?

Are these things really out of reach for you or does your level of belief that you can attain them determine your outcome?

Sometimes you have to believe in the outcome before you know how you’re going to get there.

How To Change Your Thinking

If you want to change your current reality the best thing you can do is spend time with people who already have what you want.

If you want to have more money take a millionaire out to lunch and ask them questions.

If you want to know how to have an extraordinary marriage find a couple who’s been married for 30 years and spend time with them.

If you want to find your passion spend time with people who are living and working in their passions.

Jim Rohn said you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Who are you spending time with?

Are they influencing your thinking positively or negatively?

If you don’t believe you’re the best candidate for a new job, the company won’t either.

If you don’t believe you can pay off your debt then you won’t.

If you can’t envision yourself achieving a new goal you never will.

You have to believe you can achieve a new reality first and then you’ll figure out how you’re going to get there.

Think of how you can change the beliefs of everyone around you if you find your passion and do work you love.

Maybe you’ll be the Roger Bannister of your personal circle when it comes to work and careers.

Who knows, maybe you’ll change the course of history too.

Question: What negative beliefs have held you back in the past? How did you overcome them?

  • Debbi Lloyd

    Great article Alan. I know it’s true, but I sure appreciate your reminder of the fact. Very motivational. Thanks

    • Thank you Debbi. Yes, we all need to be reminded of our potential from time to time. I trust you are working toward something that is stretching your belief in yourself.

  • “Your level of belief determines the outcome you experience.” Adam that’s the key right there! And Love the Roger Bannister story – perfect illustration.

    • Thanks Ann. Yes, it’s amazing how important our thinking is in determining our outcomes. If we have our thinking right we can do amazing things.

  • Adam – My sentiments exactly. Thanks for keeping us focused.

    • Thanks Jenny. I’m always happy to help my readers stay focused on their goals.

  • Great stuff here, Adam. As I’m trying to lose weight, I am constantly trying to ” do skinny people stuff.” It is like that saying whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.

    • It’s amazing Tom how much our thinking and beliefs shapes the outcome of our lives. Thanks for your comment.

  • Enjoyed reading this Adam. Negative beliefs have held me back in the past because I did not have a proper view of myself and in turn I did not think I deserved a certain life. Reading great books has helped me to turn my thinking around.

    • That’s fantastic Luke. Yes, books are a wonderful way to open our eyes to new ways of thinking. I’m glad to hear you are thinking positively again.

  • Susan

    I was raised with a critical Father- a doctor who I never lived up to. Its self criticism that has held me back – nothing is ever good enough to take acton on. The exception here is when I have support. Ive accomplished a few things Im proud of due to that. But without support – its a tough road.

    • Yes, our internal self-talk can be so powerful Susan. Support is essential whenever we step outside our comfort zones. Keep immersing yourself with the support you need to take action toward your goals.