Myers-Briggs vs. DISC, Which is Better?

Many of you have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or DISC personality assessments.

After taking one or both you may be wondering which is better.

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I’d like to suggest there may be a different way to approach both assessments. Rather than ask, “which is better” ask, “what do each have to offer?”

Here’s my high level review of what each has to offer.

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Should You Take a Personality Assessment?

You’ve probably heard of or have taken the Myers-Briggs or DISC or some other personality instrument out there.

However, sometimes it can feel like personality assessments raise more questions than provide answers.

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Which is the best one to take? Is it going to say I have the worst personality you can have? How in the world will this help me get a better job? Don’t circumstances dictate how I behave sometimes?

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