Myers-Briggs vs. DISC, Which is Better?

Many of you have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or DISC personality assessments.

After taking one or both you may be wondering which is better.

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I’d like to suggest there may be a different way to approach both assessments. Rather than ask, “which is better” ask, “what do each have to offer?”

Here’s my high level review of what each has to offer.

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Should You Take a Personality Assessment?

You’ve probably heard of or have taken the Myers-Briggs or DISC or some other personality instrument out there.

However, sometimes it can feel like personality assessments raise more questions than provide answers.

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Which is the best one to take? Is it going to say I have the worst personality you can have? How in the world will this help me get a better job? Don’t circumstances dictate how I behave sometimes?

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Have You Made This Mistake In Your Career?

Have you ever thought about what you’re supposed to be doing with your career?

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I know that may sound like a really strange question.

You might be thinking, what do you mean by “supposed to be doing?”

Most discussions about what you want to do in your career don’t revolve around this question.

Here’s what I mean.

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How to Choose the Work You Love When You Feel Stuck (Part 2)

(This post is part of a series. To read part 1 go here.)

When you don’t like your job and you feel stuck, one of the best things you can do is take a personality assessment.

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Two of the best, most reliable and valid personality instruments on the market are the DISC and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

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