Are You On The Road to Average or Extraordinary?

Jon Acuff used to be pretty average. He had a cubical job, a wife, two kids and a mortgage. He probably had a dog too, but I can’t confirm that.

Then he started a blog, wrote a book, and started speaking to groups and at conferences. Dave Ramsey hired him and then he wrote another book called Quitter.

The way I wrote that sounds like he did this all one lazy afternoon. It actually took him 12 years to be where he is today.

However, Quitter is one of my all time favorite books and Jon Acuff is one of my favorite authors.

So I’m excited to tell you about Jon’s new book Start.

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Put the Start Before the Horse

Starting something new can be fun, exciting, scary, and downright hard to do.  Creating this blog was all of those things and I’m completely thrilled to get my first post out the door.  I tend to be a bit on the perfectionist side so I kept reminding myself that everything doesn’t have to be in place before starting.  Steve Jobs sold the first wood encased Apple computers out of his parents’ garage, Stephen Spielberg’s first movie was a 26 minute film entitled Amblin, and before U2 became international superstars they were just a bunch of unknown teenagers from Ireland.

In the spirit of starting new things I want to encourage you to start something new that will help you get the results you want in your career.  Whether that is updating your resume, taking a networking contact to lunch, or just smiling more at work go ahead and just start it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to know where it will take you exactly, but sometimes you just have to make a move.  Three things to remember when starting something new:

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