The Wrong Way and the Right Way To Find Work You Love

When I speak with people about a direction for their career it can become apparent they are trying to excel in something that is not in alignment with their strongest talents and skills.

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For example, it may be they are trying to do well as an engineer when they are more gifted at sales.

Or they think they might be a good accountant when they are more talented in teaching others.

Other times people believe they can do well in any job regardless of the skills required to excel in that job. As long as the job is a “promotion” they want the job.

The problem is we try to make ourselves good at something God did not design us to do well. Part of this is the value we place on certain types of work or certain skills. We would rather be a mediocre attorney than an exceptional plumber.

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3 Steps to Working in Your Strengths

Have you ever experienced someone telling you that you’ve done a good job? Or maybe they have even gone so far as to say you were talented or exceptional in a particular thing.

Twice the Power

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Then your immediate response was something like, “oh thank you, but it really wasn’t anything special.”

I know I’ve certainly responded that way at times.

In addition to maybe some false humility, I responded this way because I was unaware of my strengths.

Many of us are unaware of our strengths and what we do well.

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Should You Take a Personality Assessment?

You’ve probably heard of or have taken the Myers-Briggs or DISC or some other personality instrument out there.

However, sometimes it can feel like personality assessments raise more questions than provide answers.

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Which is the best one to take? Is it going to say I have the worst personality you can have? How in the world will this help me get a better job? Don’t circumstances dictate how I behave sometimes?

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