The One Idea That Will Change How You View Your Career

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What if retirement were completely different?

What if retirement as we know it didn’t exist?

Would you do anything differently?

Photo Credit: Johan Knelson (Creative Commons)


Many started their career under the impression that the agreement was to work for forty plus years and they were done. However, the terms of the agreement have changed. Many have spent the majority of their lives with the hopeful anticipation of one day living a life of leisure. But now retirement is elusive. The nest eggs of the past, Social Security, 401K’s, and pensions are drying up and being taken away.

The goal of work all these years turned out to be a mirage.

Things are different for our generation. We know the agreement is not in place any longer and there are no guarantees. We’re on our own. So instead, what if our generation did work we enjoyed and did not want to stop? What if we found that work is actually how we achieve meaningful accomplishment in life?

As a result, I would like to propose a different kind of retirement.

I would like to propose a retirement of work we don’t enjoy.

Instead of working with the goal to stop working, our goal is to work at something that serves others, aligns with the best of who we are, and is profitable.

How would that change your view of your career?

How would that change your life?

Who’s with me?

Photocredit: Johan Knelson