Why Quitting Will Make You Better

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It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t plan on it. It just sort of happened.

A few months ago I decided to quit this blog.

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It wasn’t a formal decision. It was a number of little decisions every day to do something else rather than work on this blog.

Here’s how it happened. In August of 2011 my wife and I welcomed our second child into our family. We’re ecstatic to have him in our family and we love him a ton.

However, things got hectic with two kids. Life happened and I made decisions every day on how I would spend my time. I chose to spend my time focused on my family when they needed me the most.

Things have shifted now.

I still need to focus on my family, but I’m also going to make this blog a priority.

Now that I have stepped away and come back to this blog I can see there was some benefit in quitting. Here’s how quitting something and coming back to it can make you better:

It will test you. When I stopped working on this blog it forced me to decide how important it really is to me. When I wasn’t working on the blog there was something that kept tugging at me and reminding me that the blog is important to me. If you quit something and find you don’t miss it at all, then you’ve helped yourself determine it wasn’t all that important to you. However, if you quit something and find that you still think about it and miss having it in your life you can know it’s something you should probably incorporate back into your life.

It will refresh you. By stepping away from the blog I was able to rejuvenate my flow of ideas and get really excited about it again. Same goes for you. When you quit something and then return to it, you will be re-energized.

It will allow you to refocus. During my time away from the blog I was able to get clarity on what exactly I want this blog to be about. I’m going to make that more apparent and hopefully that will benefit you as a reader. In your life, when you stop doing what you’re doing and then come back, you will see it with a new set of eyes. You’ll have a different perspective. A better perspective.

It will help you to be better. With new ideas, refreshed energy, and an enhanced perspective I’m really excited about this blog. The same thing can happen for you in your life. When you quit something and come back to it, you will be better. Your level of commitment will be deeper, your energy and perspective will be enhanced, and most importantly, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing what’s truly important in your life.

I have some fresh posts lined up for you so stay tuned.

Have you ever quit something and come back to it? How did it work out for you? 

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