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3 Steps to Working in Your Strengths

Have you ever experienced someone telling you that you’ve done a good job? Or maybe they have even gone so far as to say you were talented or exceptional in a particular thing.

Twice the Power

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Then your immediate response was something like, “oh thank you, but it really wasn’t anything special.”

I know I’ve certainly responded that way at times.

In addition to maybe some false humility, I responded this way because I was unaware of my strengths.

Many of us are unaware of our strengths and what we do well.

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Six Little Known Ways to Interview Like a Pro

On the outside you appear as stoic as Clint Eastwood but in reality you feel like Dr. Doolittle let his hamster collection loose in your large intestine.  

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As you wait for someone to call your name and lead you to the conference room for the interview you flip through a magazine to try and stay calm.  However, you might as well be sitting in the middle of the Indy 500 because your mind is racing and you couldn’t retain a word even if you wanted to.  Ah yes, the interview.  We’ve all been there and we all wished we didn’t have to go through it, but the interview process doesn’t seem to be going away. So here’s how to handle the process like a pro:

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