Ines Hodzic

As a recently graduated college student, I came to Adam Rico lost and confused about what I could possibly do with my future. Pessimistic at first, I assumed there was not much that could be done, but I figured I didn’t have much to lose, so why not give it a shot. I can honestly say that contacting Adam was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. With a calm demeanor and a caring spirit, Adam helped guide me towards the right path. He managed to pull out the answers that were always within me but I was too preoccupied to notice. After each coaching call, I left feeling calm, powerful, and in control of my life. If it wasn’t for Adam’s hard work and care, I don’t think I would find myself this happy and actually looking forward to what the future has in store!

Ines Hodzic Davis, CA
Jared Cain

Working with Adam as my career coach was life changing.  Adam’s approach and technique swiftly guided me from discovery to action oriented decisions.  I sought Adam out because I felt like I was in a tail spin in my current career – my performance at work was successful, however I wasn’t enjoying work, I didn’t like what I was doing at work and it was eating me up inside.  Ultimately I have decided to stay in my current career, but the life changing event was that Adam’s coaching helped me realize that my perspective needed to change.  It is really quite simple – I started focusing my thoughts and efforts at work on tasks that I found were energizing and rewarding (which came from learning more about my personality and discovering what types of things I get satisfaction and energy from).  I could go on for quite awhile, but if you are struggling in your career – talk with Adam, it is definitely worth the investment!

Jared Cain Folsom, CA
Matt S.

I serendipitously came upon Adam’s blog after feeling defeated by some recent work experiences and am glad I did!  After 15 years in one field, I made a career jump and ended up falling down more than I moved forward.  Even though I viewed this as a learning experience, I realized my passion for work had flat-lined and I now needed CPR – Career Path Redirection!  Contacting Adam online was like calling 911 – a prompt and professional response.  He has shown a sincere interest in helping me help myself.  We looked for cures via some personality testing and Adam delivered thorough and sound advice to help get me on the road to recovery.

Matt S. Bremerton, WA
Alana Mokma

I’ve always had an interest in personality styles and recently embarked on a journey to learn more about myself. Adam shared through a blog post the difference between the DiSC and MBTI. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the MBTI and promptly hired him to coach me through my assessment results. During our coaching session, Adam quickly proved his knowledge in the subject matter. I was not only impressed with this, but his personable deliverance. I felt like Adam and I were friends and had known each other for years!

The results helped me to understand why I react strongly to certain experiences and not to others. It also provided me with knowledge on how to more clearly communicate with my husband and coworkers. If you feel stuck and are not sure what direction to take next, I highly recommend hiring Adam to walk alongside you in this process.


Alana Mokma Grand Rapids, MI

Cameron C.

If I had to summarize my experience with Adam it would be, ACCOUNTABILITY.  Having Adam help me set goals for the next session and knowing he was going to hold me accountable to my word was an excellent motivator to  do the work.  Knowing my tendencies, the accountability helped me to break through those old habits/excuses resulting in more work being done and ahead of schedule.  I looked forward to our sessions to tell Adam what I had accomplished.

Cameron C. VP, Spruzza LLC


Allison Horak

Adam prepped and coached me through several interviews. I felt (and was) completely prepared for every likely scenario, which gave me the confidence to relax and be myself during each step of the interview process.  His personable nature, knowledge, and practical tips were exactly what I needed and he was well worth the investment.  Who wouldn’t want the advantage of his expertise?

Allison Horak Fair Oaks, CA