An Interview With Andy Traub, Author of Early To Rise

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Andy Traub wrote a book entitled Early To Rise.

It’s a book about, wait for it, how to get up early.

Now, you may be thinking, “You lost me at get up early.”

I was the same way.

I thought I would never be a “morning person.”

But here’s the thing, you can be whatever you want to be.

It starts with deciding what you want to be.

Amazingly, Andy made over $20,000 in the first 90 days after publishing his book.

It’s a book that has a simple message but has a profound result if you commit to it.

In the interview we cover:

  • Why Andy wrote the book.
  • The impact getting up early has had on him.
  • Why he go up in the middle of the interview and ran out of the room (seriously)

This book has changed my life.

I never thought I would be getting up at 5am.

Now I do it regularly and I’m asking myself, “what else can I do in my life that I never thought was possible?”

That’s the impact this book will have on you.

You can get more information about Andy Traub at, Twitter, and Facebook.

Check out the Early To Rise site to get more information about the book and to buy the book.


Question: What could getting up early make possible for you?

  • Nicholas Pappagallo Jr

    Awesome! Is this book in Audio Book Format yet?

    • When you buy the book you get the audio version free Nicholas. Just go to to check it out. It’s a great book and it really can change your life.

  • Cheri M

    Great Interview. Very inspiring. I like the “keep it real” feel to the interview, very natural and entertaining. Looking forward to more interviews.

    • Thanks Cheri, do you have any requests of people you’d like to see interviewed?

  • Matthew H.

    Loved the interview. It was a great, candid conversation. I actually heard about Andy by chance when he called into Dave Ramsey’s program to thank him for the work Jon Acuff is doing with his book Start. He stated Jon had inspired him through Start to actually sit down and write the book. I will definitely invest some time in reading this book.

    • Excellent Matthew. It is a great book to help you do one thing – get up early. But the truly great thing is after I started getting up early it became a habit. I never thought I would be an early riser but now I’m asking myself what else can I do that I thought I never could before? That’s the power of the book. Enjoy!

  • Hey! I was in a conversation with you guys! It was great being apart of the discussion. I was honored to be asked!

    • Hi Alex, yes it was great to connect with you on that call. Thanks for stopping by my blog.