5 Good Reasons To Change Jobs This Year

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Previously I wrote about some bad reasons to change jobs. However, there are good reasons to change jobs too. It’s no small thing to conduct a job search and change jobs so it can be difficult to know if you’re changing jobs for the right reasons.

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So how do you know if you’re making the right decision? Here are 5 good reasons to change jobs.

1. You Don’t Enjoy The Work. You may have guessed this one would be on there right? If you dread getting out of bed every work day because you just don’t want to do what you’re getting paid to do, then it’s time to go. Life is too short to continue in comfortable misery when there are many options for work out there.

2. Slow Career Growth. If you’re in a job that offers little in the way of growing your career it may be time for a job change. Perhaps the skills you’re using aren’t very marketable or you’ve plateaued in the promotional career path. Whatever the reason, there is likely a time when you’ve outgrown your job. When that happens it’s time to make a move.

3. Boss and/or Team Issues. You may work for someone who you don’t like or who doesn’t like you. Or perhaps your co-workers aren’t people you enjoy being around. If it looks like you’re going to be in this environment for the foreseeable future then it may be time to do a job search. There are things you can learn and grow from in this type of situation, but if it is a sustained period you will burn out quickly.

4. Lack of Interest in the Organizational Mission. Being emotionally connected to the mission of an organization is vital to staying energized and excited about your job. If you don’t care about the mission, or worse, you disagree with the mission, it’s time to go. You’re likely disengaged with your work and you’re bringing your team, your company, and yourself down.

5. Cultural Misalignment. Take a look at the culture of the organization and determine if you seem to fit in there. You don’t want to be just like everyone else but ask yourself if the values of the organization resonate with you values. Do you like the people you work with? Do you agree with the philosophy of your leadership? If you find you are out of alignment with the culture of the company I’d recommend you begin looking elsewhere.

If you’re thinking about changing jobs and you’re experiencing any of these you’re likely making a good decision. The days of staying with one employer long term are over so it behooves you to continually evaluate your current career status against your career goals.

If your current job isn’t helping you get where you want to go then you’re on the path to getting more of the same. Take a fresh look at 1) your personality, 2) talents and skills, and 3) your values, interests, and dreams. Then you’ll be equipped to transition into the next step of your career journey.

Question: Why have you decided to change jobs in the past?

  • Great reasons Adam. For me it was #3. One of my sons is considering a change and I believe it is mostly #1 for him.

    • Yes Ann, the reasons can be varied, but usually we all have left a job at some point for one of these reasons. I hope your son finds work he enjoys if he decides to make a change. Thanks for your comment.

  • Dianne Drinkard

    Wow, Adam, wow! I’ve been a bit “out of the loop” in the 48 days community, but Tuesday was talking to my coach about changing jobs, and up comes this email from you, connecting with this blog. I see I do need to change jobs, for all 5 reasons! In the past, I usually changed jobs to work more hours, or to go in another direction, but it was mostly because of unhappiness in my current position. Now I must really go for broke in a totally new direction, but am still a bit afraid to take that leap of faith. This post made me realize just how much I need to do it, though. Thanks for the reach-out, and your great posts…always enlightening!

    • I’m thrilled to hear this post was helpful for you Dianne. Taking a leap of faith is always scary, but if you have a good plan in place you’ll find it was worth it. I wish you the best as you transition into work you enjoy.